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PureSport Workout Canister 80 Servings

PureSport Workout Canister 80 Servings
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PureSport Workout (patent pending) prepares the human body for strenuous athletic activity by delivering a beneficial balance of carbohydrates, protein/amino acids and electrolytes. When used prior to and during vigorous exercise, PureSport Workout dramatically enhances exercise results by improving endurance and reducing muscle tissue damage.

Available in four delicious flavors: Grape, Banana Berry, Lemon Lime and Fruit Punch.

Tip: Hydrate with PureSport Workout prior to and during the workout. Drink only enough to maintain your body weight. Water loss from muscles and the circulatory system reduces the electrolyte content of the muscle and causes fatigue.

PureSport Workout and Recovery nutritional performance sports drinks with protein are Gluten-Free and Caffeine-Free.

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